Uninterrupted Power Solutions (UPS)

The UPS should be the main power source to all mission critical equipment, where it supplies stable and filtered AC power. Sunrise Computers offers all types of online UPS systems that are reliable and meet the international standards.

“Standalone UPS range up to 200kVA with unity power factor.”

“Modular UPS, which is known as the latest UPS technology, with up to 300kVA with a single cabinet & upto 900kVA modular UPS power plan.”

“Single phase rack mount and tower mount UPS up to 20kVA with 0.9 power factor.”


We offer different types of maintenance free batteries (VRLA, GEL, Lithium-ion) in addition to deep cycle batteries for special applications:

  • UPS
  • Telecom Communication Equipment
  • Fire Alarm and security
  • Medical Instruments
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Computer Backup

Multi-vendor partnerships: